About the Author

Baker by trade, writer by passion, I have been writing for years but never seriously. Covid and the subsequent quarantine gave me the chance to really focus and come up with some stories that I am very proud of.

The story for Lightborn came to me in a dream. I had the vivid image of a young girl running from something sinister. She raised her hand and opened a portal, racing through and snapping her hands shut before she could be followed. The next day, I wrote the first chapter, using this image. The rest progressed from there.

After I finished Lightborn, I started work on the sequel, but was drawn to another story, and another character.

Grace is everything I wish strong female leads could be. Strong, smart, capable, honest, and best of all, she ties her hair back when she fights!

She can fight, but won’t win them all, due to her smaller stature, no matter what Hollywood wants us to believe. And she doesn’t drink whiskey (does anybody really?)

An Easy Target is the first in a series of books following Grace as she works cases and gets a little blood on her boots.