An Easy Target

Grace works for Nico & Associates as a professional fixer, and just put a case to bed and a body in the ground. She’s ready for a break but when the boss calls, she has to work.

A college girl is missing, and her fathers want her found.

Grace quickly finds out that Kasey is a victim of rape. She finds and dispatches the rapist in a gruesome knife attack before focussing on finding Kasey, following her trail from Texas to California.

But Grace gets more than she bargained for when she finds the girl and a group of would-be vigilantes. Kasey and The Sisters are hunting down known rapists - the ones that got away with it.

They are dispensing their own brand of justice, and Grace gets sucked in, helping the group of wounded women find their revenge.

About the book:

An Easy Target is a fast paced thriller with nods to Jack Reacher and Atomic blond. Much like Reacher, she fights dirty. The only difference is: she gets paid.

Grace isn’t afraid to get blood on her hands, and is more than happy to leave a trail of bodies in her wake. What she doesn’t expect is to be dealing with another dead guy - one she didn’t even kill.

This is the first in a series of new books, featuring a kick-ass female lead who can either be your best friend, or your worst nightmare.

The clients load the guns, and Grace takes the shot.